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FunPix's News

Posted by FunPix - June 8th, 2022

Hey All, I just got back from Niagara Falls Comic Con! It was a blast getting out into the convention scene again! The next installment of Chicken Man is coming out this Fall. So if you're curious to learn what Chicken Man is all about and catch up on the the story so far, I've made Chicken Man Vol.1ish available through Gumroad (USA and Canada only. Sorry shipping is kind'a nuts these days)

Vol.1ish contains the first 6 issues of Chicken Man wrapped up into a 132 page paperback collection!

You can check out the store page HERE.

Peace, &rew .K







Posted by FunPix - May 23rd, 2022

Aight, time for another CyPi dev blog update!


This time around this development dump is split between two project Cyberspace Pirates and Chicken Man! I'll start with the Cyberspace Pirates update!


For starters I've updated the designs of the Gogo Force 5 for the comic! Who are the Gogo Force 5? Well eagle eyed viewers of the short film might have noticed a poster of them in the background:




They are an elite team of 5 law enforcers who oversee the 5 main districts of Neo Gogo (City when CyPi takes place) Cero and Pegi are key members of the Gogo Force 5.




Since it's been a while since the last development dump, I'm also revealing the design for a brand-new character!!! I present Neon!




It's too early to share much details about her without giving away too many spoilers. But what I can say is she is Alice's childhood friend and will appear in the second episode of the comic.


Now for Chicken Man news! ... Your probably wondering "WHAT THE HECK IS CHICKEN MAN??" Chicken Man is a comic series I drew when I was 9 years old, that I later adapted into a graphic novel when I was in collage! (Well mostly gone anyway, more on this in a bit)




There were little nods to the Chicken Man hidden as Easter Eggs in the Cyberspace Pirates short film:




He is the first ever cartoon character I created, and holds a special place in my heart. So I just had to put little nods to the comic into CyPi. Now what was that bit about it being unfinished? I released the first 6 chapters of Chicken Man back in 2017 as a paperback entitled 'Chicken Man: Vol.1-ish' The final two chapters in the story were planned to release the following year. Unfortunately, I had to put the ending on hold because of too much real-world correlation between the ending and horrific events that unfolded in the United States the following year (won't go into to detail as to what happened, but in short "kids for the love of god, stay away from guns.")




Anyway, I planned to re-write the ending but my 4th year at Sheridan approached in the blink of an eye. Next thing I knew I was creating CyPi, so Chicken Man was left on hold. Where it seemed to remain UNTILL NOW!


Throughout collage I had a mentor named Blair who encourage me to keep on making comics and helped me get through one of the biggest rough patches in my life. Shortly after New Year’s Day 2020, Blair suddenly passed away. Now I finally feel I'm ready to finish Chicken Man Vol.1, and I will be making it out in honor to him.


Chicken Man Vol.1 - "Attack of the Vegetable People" is now planned to release this Fall as a printed exclusive!


However, 44 pages of the book still need to be illustrated, so CyPi's release is being pushed to make time for the workload... I'm now aiming to have the CyPi comic start releasing 3rd quarter 2023.


WOW! This was actually one heck of a development dump so here is a quick summary:


Cyberspace Pirates Comic - Release pushed to second half of 2023


Chicken Man Vol.1 - Releasing as a print exclusive Fall 2022


Till next time,

&rew .K


Posted by FunPix - December 4th, 2021

Hey Yo, &rew here with another CyPi update!

The Cyberspace Pirates comic, is finally gearing up for production in the new year!

Production was planed to start sooner, but I took the past two months to improve the workflow and custom tools I created for the comic, which will help speed up the time it takes to make the comic! Thankfully using Python with Blender was super easy so it didn't take too long to build a specialized work flow to integrate 3D into the comic.



One other big change on the technical side of things was switching the game engine from Unity to Godot! I'm a big supporter of open source software, and was blown away by just how good Godot is! So I took the time to reprogram the comic to work in Godot. Here is a little Gif of it in action:


Anyway that's all for this development dump! It might be awhile till my next post as I got a heck load of drawing ahead!

Peace out then!

&rew .K


Posted by FunPix - August 9th, 2021

Hey All, been a bit since the last update!

As promised I'll be posting on NG more often, so here I am with the 3rd Cyberspace Pirates Development Dump! (And this time I've got more than just a script to share)

First off something I've been pretty excited about, VR Modeling!!!! I managed to get my hands on a VR system and have been having a blast making 3D models with it. Just like the Short Film the Cyberspace Pirates Comic is also a 2D / 3D hybrid project. Luckily with the help of VR I've managed to greatly reduce the time it takes to build 3D assets, so that means I'll have more time to polish and intergrade those elements with the hand-drawn 2D artwork!


Here is a Medium-Poly model of Alice I sculpted in VR using ArtStage on Steam. I imported the model into Blender for rigging and rendering. However I do not plan to use 3D for characters, I made this model to stress test the use of VR in the pipeline. I'll be using 3D primarily for elements inside the cyberspace world.

Now this wouldn't be a true development dump without some more stuff to show ya! So here's some character pose / expression sheets of the main Pirate Crew, with updated character designs:





Anyhow this is all I'm going to share for now!

Till next time,

&rew .K



Posted by FunPix - May 17th, 2021

Hey Yo, my first update of the year! This Development Dump is going to be a bit different that normal, as it's not artwork. Ya see after a major overhaul, I've just completed writing all the scripts for Cyberspace Pirates 1sr Story Arc!!! And man this outline is Thick!


It came in at around 200 pages... But that's fine, I'm planning to take at least 2 years to illustrate it all.


With that said the Q1 2022 release in no longer a thing. But production is now back on track and 2022 is still the target year for the comics launch. Also due to the Great Zuckening I won't be posting anymore CyPi art on Facebook or Instagram, not unless that user agreements get fixed up... Man that fine print is nasty >:(

But good news, this place is cool! So when I post new artwork Newgrounds will be the place to see it!

Till next time,

&rew .K


Posted by FunPix - November 11th, 2019

CyPi Development Dump #1

Been a long time since my last posting, work and CyPi development have kept me extra busy. So being a bit of a social media turtle, I'm now poking my head out once again. I've been having such a blast developing the next installments of Cyberspace Pirates I though I would share a bit of what I've been up to... In short motorbikes! lots and lots of motorbikes!


I think I'll also share the Pegi Rider (new antagonist, who works with Cero) and Kamen Rider Bike sketches in the Art Portal sometime, since well... they are fairly finished for just sketches.


&rew .K



Posted by FunPix - August 21st, 2019

Cyberspace Pirates: Set to Re-launch!


Thank you to all the Kickstarter backers. Your support towards the series pilot has been overwhelming to say the least. Also a special thanks to the Newgrounds community for showing your excitement for the series and reaching out to me. There will be plenty more cyber adventuring to come!

My first Kickstarter project has been a tremendous learning experience. Thanks to your support and feedback, I am re-working the Cyberspace Pirates Animated Series to make it even better. Since launching the campaign, I have been in communication with animation professionals including voice talent, to boost the performance of the Cyberspace Pirates cast and bring more life into the world of Neo Gogo!

In addition to more talent joining this project, I am in the process of completing the first set of Cyberspace Pirates Comics and will be re-launching a new Cyberspace Pirates project next year! I will keep you posted with any developments. Again, thank you for all of your support!

You can keep up to date with Cyberspace Pirates here on Newgrounds or on other social media!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funpix_comics

Twitter: https://twitter.com/funpix_comics

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyberspacepirates

Website: https://cyberspacepirates.com



Posted by FunPix - July 29th, 2019

Hey thank you guys. I was thrilled to see so much response for Cyberspace Pirates! If you'd like to see it developed into a series, I have a Kickstarter going on right now to make an 11-min pilot!


You can also help support by sharing Cyberspace Pirates with your friends! liking the Facebook Page or following me on Instagram.